Airlie Co was first created at the beginning of 2014 from my love of styling my baby girl Airlie, and the large gap in the market for original, unique headwear that reflected our girly relaxed style. There was nothing that was bright and colourful with unique patterns that told a story.  I spent hours upon hours researching, product testing, sampling and editing until I came up with our signature Airlie Co Headwrap. 

When my second daughter Lulu was born, I broadened my range to include new pieces that I wanted to put on my new baby girl.  Our one size fits all, super soft and stretchy nylon headbands, and our raw edged Turbans, are so beautifully soft on your precious babes head.  I don't create anything that I wouldn't personally put on my daughters.

Each and every one is made with love, and we hope that they are pieces that can be shared amongst all the girls in the family, and passed on from each mother to her daughter xxxx